Member Spotlight: Sarah Robinett

Sarah’s Short Story

A little over a year ago, Sarah began working with us because she had been experiencing quite a bit of shoulder pain that she had attributed to poor posture, and, surprisingly having been born with an extra rib. She knew she wanted to get stronger to prevent any further deterioration of her bodily health, but to also improve her capacity of working with horses and children at Crystal Peaks Youth Ranch. At her vocation, she knew she had found her dream and calling, now she just needed her body to keep up with her.

We began slowly at first with 1-on-1 Private Training, to ensure that we could get to the root of her movement issues, and built gradually from there, introducing new exercises and greater intensities as her body adapted. Quicker than she imagined, she transitioned to Semi-Private training and soon was craving greater challengers. She decided that, for the first time her life, she wanted to be able to perform a pull up, and eventually work up to running a marathon.

With steady work, and a little bit of enthusiasm, she made “pulling her own weight” completely hers, and is well on her way towards her next goal. Plus, she hasn’t had any issues with her shoulders in a long time.

Do you want be like Sarah, and completely transform your life?

It’s within your grasp!

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