Member Spotlight: Damon Kluck

Damon’s Short Story:

In Damon’s past career, he was professional cyclist with a quite a few achievements and accolades under his name. But, unfortunately, what came with those accomplishments were a host of back issues and very severe, chronic pain. He had gone to nearly two dozen other professionals, before he found Empowered Strength and was able to find relief and a return to strength.

When he first began with us, almost two years ago, he had never been able to comfortably touch his toes, and he was convinced that he was doomed to a life of immobility and back pain. However, as we introduced the principles of the Functional Movement Screen and systematic strength training, he began to believe something quite different. He discovered that Empowered Strength’s process was quite a bit different from anything he had experienced before, as regained lost strength and mobility.

These days, Damon is super comfortable touching his toes, stronger than he’s ever been, and able to keep up with his toddler of a daughter with ease.

Are you stuck where Damon used to be? Are you ready to be strong and out of pain?

Empowered Strength could be the game-changer in your life!

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