Are you a seasoned veteran and looking to gain insight to technique and exercise programming? Or are you a newcomer to the Highland Games and want to get better? Online clinics through Empowered Strength give you the ability to learn from a former Pro level thrower and top ranked lightweight.

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Upcoming Highland Games Clinics (April 26th – 28th, 2019)

This Highland Games Training Camp will be a true 3 day immersion in all things lifting, throwing, and overall health related with John Odden.

John has gone from an average gym guy with no throwing background to a Pro-Heavyweight, and eventually reinventing himself as a Lightweight world record holder and National Champion. More importantly, he has coached many successful Highland Games athletes individually, and taught many clinics over the last 9 years in the US and Canada. Now he is bringing a first of its kind in-depth clinic over 3-days in Bend, Oregon.

Days will be broken down into lifting and throwing segments while covering educational topics. These will include all of the “tips of the pros,” from nutrition, recovery, and mobility spread over the 3-day weekend. All implements will be available, including cabers and women’s weight class implements. This training camp is for athletes who are ready to take the next step in their throwing career, to move up a full class, or breakthrough to the next level in their class.

This will be a true world class learning experience for all of those who attend.

Space is limited to only 12 athletes.

**Sign ups also include complementary access to John’s extensive webinar coaching series ($99) which includes over 7 hours of content.


Highland Games Coaching

Looking to take your Highland Games season to the next level? John Odden is here to help you. He offers in-person clinics, one-on-one or even online training to those looking to improve.

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When I first started getting serious about competing in the Highland Games, John did wonders for fixing my weight for distance and stones.  During the process of climbing the ranks, he also fixed my hammers and caber.  With John’s help, I’ve been able to be one of the better competitors in my division.

-Luke Lomsdalen, 2014 LW National Champion


In 2017, I threw my first games at Rogue River. Even after a year’s worth of training, my throws were just above embarrassing. In the following months, I spent many hours each week training consistently. That would have only gotten me so far if it wasn’t for the guidance and expert coaching from John. The time he has put into my training is what I attribute to most of my success. No amount of training can overcome the need for a good coach and expert advice. I want to give John Odden a big thank you for the time and energy he has put into me. I am truly blessed to have such great opportunities for me to learn and succeed. I am very proud of how far I have been able to come and am so excited to see where it will take me next season along with the many years to come.

-Nick Heuer, Highland Games B-Class Thrower, Chiropractor, Crossfit Level 1 Coach

Highland games folks: I’d strongly recommend signing up for John’s upcoming seminars. He’s got great material and a solid, thoughtful delivery. Sessions run the gamut from warm-ups and injury prevention, to drills, throws, work volume, and contest preparation. While I’ve been throwing for a number of years, I didn’t really begin to make improvement nor understand the throws until I started taking his seminars. In fact, I really wish I’d started sooner as I spent a bunch of time (and private coaching sessions) unlearning bad habits. With John’s help I’ve been able to counter significant genetic and age disadvantages, and have continued to improve season by season, while staying (nearly) injury free.

I’d also recommend the personal training subscriptions he offers (as long as you don’t compete in my class). Though Empowered is in Bend and I’m in Seattle, I’m getting training advice remotely, using video calls and shared video; this has proven as effective as the in-person sessions. I see it as a great value and am looking forward to continued improvement.

-Chris Doughty, Masters LW Athlete and Competitive Olympic Weightlifter

You know if somebody is a great individual if you saw that someone just a few times in your life but you have such a bond like you know each other since childhood. Well John is one of those guys for me. I got to know John in 2015 right before my first Lightweight World Championship when he joined me for the last throwing sessions before the championship. As I am not a very talented thrower and I have to work a lot until I get it, what I instantly liked about John is that he is well organized, nothing he does is happening without vision, and he has a wealth of experience and knowledge about the games and specific conditioning then most of the throwers on the field. For a newcomer like me, it was a great privilege to practice with him and to tie such a nice friendship. We even went to the gym together and John shared with me his secrets in staying fit and pain-free throughout the season. After that championship we stayed in contact, John loves to share information about  the games, to show his drills, to give advice on physical preparation. I found very useful and inspirational the videos he posts with drills, technical breakdowns, and his personal progress. I could always pick some elements that helped my throws getting better. In 2016, after the World Championship in Idaho I had the privilege to spend a few days with John in his hometown Bend, Oregon. Not only was I a guest in his house, but we even went to his gym for an assessment and a few lifts. John helped me again with identifying and solving some problems and dysfunctions that occur after a long season of throwing. I appreciate John for his dedication, hard work, constant self-development and above all enthusiasm to help others.

-Stefan Dumitrica, Physical Education Teacher, Personal Trainer, 2X LW European Champion 2015/2016 and 2016 LW World Champion


Phil SansottaJohn Odden is the current Lightweight National Champion and helped coach me to my World Championship win. I don’t think there is a better coach in the business than John. He’s at the top of his game and knows what it takes to get the best out of me.

-Phil Sansotta, Lightweight World Champion 2017