Live Highland Games Workshop: April 26-28, 2019

Highland Games Workshop

This Highland Games Training Camp will be a true 3 day immersion in all things lifting, throwing, and overall health related with John Odden. Check out John’s bio here:¬† John has gone from an average gym guy with no throwing background to a Pro-Heavyweight, and eventually reinventing himself as a Lightweight world record holder and […]

Highland Games: The Importance of Shoes

John Showing Shoe Options

Shoes. Shoes. Shoes. For just about any activity out there, you can practically guarantee there is some sort of specific footwear designed to help you improve performance in said activity. The Highland Games is no different. In fact, it may be so to an even greater degree, as a certain shoe might be better or […]

Progressing from the Kettlebell Halo to the Mace

The mace is a relatively new implement with multitudes of benefits when it comes to the shoulders, spine, forearms, and just about everything else. Plus, it’s a really fun piece of equipment to play around with. See how to progress from the kettlebell halo to the mace with this video.  

How to Counter the Hammer

In this video, 2017 Highland Games Lightweight Champion John Odden goes over countering the hammer. The relationship of countering the hammer depends on your bodies level of flexibility, level of comfort and individual mechanics. Too much countering in the hammer can negatively effect the hammers orbit and too little can have the same negative effect. […]

Kettlebell Jump Shrug | Kettlebell Power Series

Use a weight that allows your to be explosive and crisp. Master the deadlift and squat before attempting this movement. A good starting weight is double 16kg for women, double 24kg for men. Do not be afraid to do these barefoot as long as you have reasonable balance and progress slowly. You will not hit […]

Kettlebell Jerk | Kettlebell Power Series

Use a weight that allows your to be explosive and crisp. Master the squat and overhead press before attempting this advanced variation. A good starting weight is double 12kg for women, double 20kg for men. Progress slowly and maintain excellent technique.