Small Group Classes

Small Group Classes

Class size ranges from 6-10 participants to keep energy high, while still providing the proper learning environment and structure to maximize the experience for each individual. Each class is expertly designed with specific purpose and structure to challenge each individual based on his or her current fitness and function.

If you wish to take part in any of our Small Groups Classes, you’ll first need to take part in our Intro Assessment. Schedule Below. 

Strong Fit

Ready for the ultimate class to prepare you for the Bend active lifestyle? Move better, get stronger and become athletic to live Empowered! This fun mix of strength training essentials with bodyweight, kettlebells, and barbells will get you skilled, powerful, and conditioned to prepare you for whatever Central Oregon throws your way.

Kettlebell Fundamentals

Whether you are new to kettlebell training or want to deepen your skills in the 6 key kettlebell movements, this class is for you. The kettlebell has been around for centuries and in that time has made more strong people than any other training implement. This class is going “back to the basics” with pure kettlebell movements for strength training.

Level 1 will walk attendees through the Deep 6 kettlebell exercises, and set the foundation for great fitness pursuits Level 2 will build upon your basic skills and challenge you to the highest degree. All levels welcome in the same class!