Small Group Training

Class size ranges from 6-10 participants to keep energy high, while still providing the proper learning environment and structure to maximize the experience for each individual. Each class is expertly designed with specific purpose and structure to challenge each individual based on his or her current fitness and function.

Private Coaching

Private Coaching is our most exclusive service, with the focus being 100% on you.

This extremely flexible plan is perfect for those individuals who are concerned with pushing his or her’s performance to the absolute highest level, for those who need specialized attention due to injuries or severe limitations, or for those with a very challenging schedule.

Semi-Private Training

Semi-private classes range from 2-5 participants to keep the energy fun, while still providing the coach time to give everyone individual cueing and attention on their personalized program. 

Each individual has their personlized program customly designed with specific motive to challenge each individual based on his or her personal needs.

Online Coaching

Have you been looking to improve your life with us, but have been limited by your schedule and location?

With Online Coaching, that’s no longer an issue!

Greater strength, more vitality, a leaner body, and an Empowered lifestyle is now just a few keystrokes away.