Being strong . . .

Doesn’t always mean putting huge kettlebells over your head or ripping 600lb barbells off the floor.

Empowerment is more meaningful than just picking up heavy things and setting them back down.

It’s being seventy years old and climbing a ladder for the first time in forty years.

It’s running around with your kids and rough-housing with them with no fear of back pain for the rest of the week.

It’s the awesome feeling of pride you get from carrying your significant other on your shoulders.

It’s a feeling of self-confidence and believing that life is yours for the taking, rather than feeling like life is taking you for everything you’ve got.

While we do care about five-minute snatch tests and heavy-as-heck deadlifts, they aren’t the end goal.

Your empowerment, whatever that looks like for you, is what we seek and will do everything in our power to help you achieve.

Here at Empowered Strength, we do just that by prescribing the best exercises and lifestyle changes to make you better at your life.

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