Improving the Kettlebell Arm Bar with Dr. Nick Heuer

Making the Kettlebell Arm Bar Even Better

One of the main themes for all exercises and movements we perform at Empowered Strength is intentionality.

For those people who are “just looking for a workout,” we are NOT the place for you.

But, for those who want to learn, be present, and get better everyday when it comes to their physical performance, we excel at getting you what you want.

As such, a great deal of how we operate is by providing education on a great deal of the exercises we prescribe. And, now that we have Dr. Nick Heuer on board with us, we can provide even greater amounts of in-depth information.

With the first in many installments to come, we walk you through how to make the Kettlebell Arm Bar even better than it already is. If you have spent any time in the arm bar position, you know that it is pretty close to magic for improving overall mobility and stability. But, with just a few select cues, we can increase the results we receive from it. All it takes is just a little more intention.

Watch the video above and let us know what you think.

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