Improving Squat Mobility with Dr. Nick Heuer

How to Make Your Squat Mobility Even Better

The squat is truly a lost art these days.

How many people do you know who can hold the bottom of a deep squat comfortably? There was a time where it wasn’t such a rarity, believe it or not.

However, if you currently have the astounding capability to squat down rather well, chances are your positioning still needs some improvements. By utilizing some crawls and a heavy kettlebell to help pry ourselves down into that deep hip position, we can experiment with wedging ourselves stronger and even lift our arms to improve overhead position as well.

In this video, Dr. Nick Heuer shows you another of his favorite drills for improving squat mobility and why it is so great.

Watch it, utilize it, see your movement improve.

And, don’t forget to Live Empowered.

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