Matt Wenning: 2 Day Workshop

Matt Wenning

Learn from One of the Strongest in the World The one and only Matt Wenning is coming to Bend, OR to teach a two day workshop at our facility. This man is one of the powerlifting greats, and one of the few individuals to ever total over 2600 lbs in a professional competition, hold an […]

Live Highland Games Workshop: April 26-28, 2019

Highland Games Workshop

This Highland Games Training Camp will be a true 3 day immersion in all things lifting, throwing, and overall health related with John Odden. Check out John’s bio here: John has gone from an average gym guy with no throwing background to a Pro-Heavyweight, and eventually reinventing himself as a Lightweight world record holder and […]

Mace Foundations Workshop: Sun. Feb. 10th, 2019

Mace Foundations

Registration Link: A foundational workshop for the mace and traditional gada as valuable tools for mobility, skill, and strength. From basic mobility to rotary power, this tool is here to stay. The primary goal of this workshop is to create a safe and solid foundation of basic and intermediate mace exercises. When utilized efficiently, the […]

Maceman Certification

A NEW AGE IN TRAINING. THE MACE IS A UNIQUE AND ANCIENT TRAINING TOOL. MEET THE MAN WHO HAS MASTERED IT. Rik Brown (Mr. Maceman) is an internationally known unconventional trainer specializing in Mace Training. He has held Mace Training workshops and certifications in countries all over the world, emphasizing life-long functional training at each […]