Matt Wenning: 2 Day Workshop

Matt Wenning

Learn from One of the Strongest in the World The one and only Matt Wenning is coming to Bend, OR to teach a two day workshop at our facility. This man is one of the powerlifting greats, and one of the few individuals to ever total over 2600 lbs in a professional competition, hold an […]

Improving Squat Mobility with Dr. Nick Heuer

Improve Your Squat

How to Make Your Squat Mobility Even Better The squat is truly a lost art these days. How many people do you know who can hold the bottom of a deep squat comfortably? There was a time where it wasn’t such a rarity, believe it or not. However, if you currently have the astounding capability […]

Improving the Kettlebell Arm Bar with Dr. Nick Heuer

KB Arm Bar

Making the Kettlebell Arm Bar Even Better One of the main themes for all exercises and movements we perform at Empowered Strength is intentionality. For those people who are “just looking for a workout,” we are NOT the place for you. But, for those who want to learn, be present, and get better everyday when […]

Kettlebell Swings & Golf: A Quick Tutorial

Do you know how to perform Kettlebell Swings? It’s well known that the kettlebell swing is perhaps one of the best overall movements you can perform on a regular basis. But, one of its less well-known benefits is that, given enough practice, it will help you hit a golf ball stronger and further. As such, […]

Viking Push Press

Use a weight that allows your to be explosive and crisp. Master the squat and overhead press before attempting this advanced variation. A good starting weight is double 12kg for women, double 20kg for men. Progress slowly and maintain excellent technique. Online Coaching with Empowered Strength. Interested in Personal Training or Small Group Fitness at […]

Bell Belly Breathing

Practice your diaphragmatic breathing with a kettlebell (or any other weight) on your belly, so that you have some resistance to show you exactly what you may or may not be doing well. Online Coaching with Empowered Strength. Interested in Personal Training or Small Group Fitness at Empowered Strength? Click Here!