Why Empowered Strength?

Empowered Strength was created after John spent years in a broken medical system working with athletes, general fitness clients and honing his own personal skills in the gym and on the field in the Highland Games.

Over the years, while working full time in a hospital and other clinical settings, John saw an increase in medical costs, decreased quality of care, and an overall decline in health within our community . This became frustrating and very limiting when he could only practice a very limited amount of his skills and abilities in that environment.

John quickly learned He didn’t fit the standard medical model, and knew something had to change.

With the goal of giving his patients the quality of care they needed and deserved, he developed a personalized system of coaching and brought it to Bend, Oregon.

What resulted is a facility that utilizes all the tools necessary to make people strong and empowered; the way they were meant to be. 

Our mission is to empower our members to live stronger, healthier, and pain-free lives through unconventional strength training.

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