Upcoming Events

Bend Mace Workshop

Saturday, Nov. 9th from 9:30am – 1:30pm

Hosting our very own record-holder John Odden of Empowered Strength for a 4 hour Mace and Circular Movement Workshop!

A foundation workshop for the mace and traditional Gada as valuable tools for mobility, skill, and strength. From basic mobility to rotary power, this tool is here to stay.

The primary goal of this workshop is to create a safe and solid foundation of basic and intermediate mace exercises. When utilized efficiently, the mace becomes a true extension of the body. Through proper regressions and progressions, we will prepare fitness professionals and general users alike to maximize the value of this ancient tool.

Attendees will develop a rich knowledge of:

  • Traditional 360s
  • “10-2s” Swings
  • Hand to hand switches
  • Single-arm variations
  • Gravediggers
  • Press variations
  • Kneeling patterns
  • How to combine exercises into complexes/flows (e.g. 360 into Front Squat with Press)

All Ability Levels Welcome to Attend!

Full price, with purchase of a Become Strong Mace included: $250

Price with no purchase of a Become Stronger Mace: $125

*For the No Mace discount code enter: NOMACEOCTOBER