Empowered Strength

Train with Us

Do you want a hard workout or do you want real, lasting results?

The question is easy for our members to answer after spending a few sessions working with a unique, research driven and cutting edge approach to exercise like ours. We have infused elements of strength training, using primarily bodyweight and kettlebells, from industry leading organizations (StrongFirst, NSCA) with functional movement (FMS), ground based fundamental movements (GroundForce Method and Original Strength) along with our own style to create a coaching experience that is both fun and effective for all levels of clients.

We prefer to call our workout sessions practices, since we focus on the skills of true strength, which include: proper breathing, muscle tension, body mechanics/form , and exercise selections. Members of Empowered Strength are considered students of our coaching/training system since we believe in developing specific skills and teaching the “why” of each exercise we perform every day. Our practices are designed to meet the needs of all students by using the best progressions and regressions of essential movements that are appropriate and effective for each individual.

Even in a group environment, the right exercises must be prescribed to the right person at the right time. For example, an elite shot putter would have very little need for long distance runs in a workout. Just as it would not be appropriate for an elderly woman to be practicing olympic lifting. We always keep goals, needs and the best interests of our members in consideration.

Here, we have a strong clinical background in weight management, behavioral changes, health risk factor reduction, physical therapy, and cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation that we use to ensure clients are safe, all while providing feedback and support to achieve exceptional results with lasting changes!

Training with us, however, does not just mean “working out.” We make it a point to instill nutritional knowledge alongside consistent food-related actions to promote wellbeing inside and outside of our facility. This holistic approach to health, performance, and fitness will provide the fundamentals for exceptional, lasting results unlike anything you have likely experienced. Want to learn more about how we do this? Check out Precision Nutrition ProCoach HERE.

Are our programs right for you?

Can you dedicate a month of consistent attendance at least 2x per week? Are you willing to do some “homework” of basic mobility and corrective exercise daily? Are you willing to follow a reasonable nutrition plan as outlined by us?

If you answered YES, then we have an incredible system that will make you feel years younger, improve your posture, relieve most (if not all) aches and pains, while getting you strong, lean and feeling empowered to take on anything life brings your way!

Learn how to start living empowered with us HERE.