Empowered Strength


“I’ve never been part of a gym. I knew when I joined one, it was going to be one that I committed to and that served people well. John and Aaron are true professionals. This is an excellent community of health, fitness, and wellness.”

-Keith Clayton

“John is an amazing coach with a wealth on knowledge on fitness and nutrition. After years of doing Crossfit I was still struggling with weak foundation of strength, and John was able to pin point that right away. He devotes a lot of time to his clients from strategy sessions to advice on nutrition to regular FMS screens. In just over a month I have seen progress, and am more motivated than ever to show up bright and early to the 6:30 class! Come join us!”

-Carissa Chadwick

“I’ve never been an athletic person. A tall woman, awkward and long limbs, worried to stand out in a gym, especially in a group setting. Needless to say, I was beyond nervous starting up my training with John and joining the group, mid session.

My fears were quickly quieted as the group was so much fun; positive people, all supporting one another. And John! My goodness, that guy is so inspirational. He’s an incredible coach. Very educated, committed to his team, and full of passion! Come join us! Your body (and mind) will thank you!!”

-Ashlee Kentner

 “Bend Friends!In my recent travels I was able to train at Empowered Strength as well as get a quick Highland Games tutorial!

Coming from a fellow instructor, trainer, and strength and conditioning professional, John has a great approach that is both personalized and progressive for his diverse clientele. He is not afraid collaborate with or refer to fellow professionals in the health and wellness community making John and Empowered Strength my new go to when I am back home in Central Oregon!”

-Ross Dexter

“Rarely do I give a top rating to anything. But Empowered Strength is worth every star. John will do an assessment for you and get you on the right track whether you want to lose weight, gain lean muscle, or just improve overall health.
He works your whole body — THE RIGHT WAY — so you can prevent injury and move more efficiently overall!
you will not regret joining the ES team!!!”

-Michelle Kelm McDevitt

“I have been a nurse for 25 years and have a lot of professional respect for John Odden. He has an excellent plan for everyone from the elderly cardiac patients, to us middle age gals trying to recapture our highschool bodies, to top notch athletes. He has something to offer everyone. His knowledge base of nutrition, physiology, sports medicine and exercise is cutting edge as he is always learning and trying new things himself. My husband and I had so much fun working out with him, that he made going to the gym something we enjoyed and looked forward. Most trainers give you a program and walk away with the occasional nod of the head. Not John, he is continually checking in and don’ t be surprised when he is right there working out right along side of you helping you reach your next goal! He is truly an amazing guy with a GREAT heart and he can make you empowered to achieve your fitness/health and well being goals.”

-Falice Spears

“John is a great coach! He’s helped me dial in my nutrition for this season. Going into my first few practices I am already at or around world record marks in multiple events and I attribute that a lot to what I have done with John! I think it’s safe to say it has helped big time! I have learned a ton from him and I will still learn more. I am 100% healthier too!”

-Scott Farr

“Mr. Odden has a passion for his field and his patients that is second to none. I have known John for about 15 years and in that time I have seen his workload continue to increase yet he still succeeds in every aspect of his life with a good attitude and humble demeanor. Feel privileged if you have the opportunity to work with him.”

-Brandon Dixon

“John Odden is a modern day super hero!!! If they weren’t already invented, he definitely would have invented the squat, the power clean, and the kettle bell swing. His abs are veiny and his coaching is fierce and highly motivating.”

-Adam Larson

“I love this gym and trainer! Working on form is great and having a trainer who actually takes the time to insure you don’t get injured!!!”

-Sheena Nicole

“John basically rocks when it comes to hard work and dedication. He’s worth every penny and every minute you can spend with him.”

-Kristina Packard

“I have never met anyone more dedicated and knowledgeable in the field of fitness, John the folks down in Bend are lucky to have you.”

-Avish Bhalani

“This is a top-notch facility with a very knowledgeable trainer. Exciting things to come for Empowered Strength!”

-James Vrem

“I’ve been working with Aaron Tandem at Empowered Strength in Bend, Oregon. I have severe neck and jaw issues that normally make exercise painful. I also HATE gyms where I feel pressure to perform beyond my limits. At Empowered Strength, I am learning how to protect and strengthen my body AND IT’S SO MUCH FUN! Aaron has helped me find my limits and listen to my body while transforming it. His training approach is gentle and creative; expertly supporting me through overwhelming moments. There are no dead-ends with him; he always has a solution. My body is changing, I have way more energy and I feel pumped for my next class! Check them out!”

-Liliana Barzola