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1 Quick Trick to Stop “Squatting” Your Kettlebell Swings

by Aaron Tandem

May 3rd, 2017

One of the biggest mistakes individuals make when learning how to kettlebell swing, is a lack of hinging from the hips and “squatting” their swing. This means that the knees and quadriceps are becoming the focus of the swing, rather than the powerful gluteal muscles that we want to engage instead.

So, why don’t we want to squat our swings?

Like Aaron says in the video:

  1. It’s inefficient
  2. It puts emphasis on the wrong muscle groups
  3. It just looks bad

Here’s how we fix it:

Yoga Blocks to the Rescue

We don’t do much yoga at Empowered Strength, but we do happen to have quite a few yoga blocks laying around. What we’ve discovered, is that those blocks useful in many other ways.

Take these blocks and stack them on top of each other long ways and make sure they’re balanced. Make sure that the distance between these blocks is about the same width as you would place your feet during a typical kettlebell swing. Then, set a kettlebell you’re comfortable swinging in between these two yoga block towers.

Now, you’re all set up!

Approach these blocks and ever so slightly bring your toes in contact with the yoga blocks. Once you’re in place, perform a kettlebell swing as you normally would, but give extra care! You may find that if you are still “squatting” your kettlebell swings, that the yoga blocks topple over because your knees travel forward.

This is why this neat little trick can help you become better at hinging through your hips, instead of moving mostly through your knees.

Give it a try!

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