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Passion and Why

Pursue your passion by answering your “why”

I have been involved in the fitness industry and medical field for over 15 years. Many fads and bold new ideas have come and gone since my early days in the industry. At the same time, many great ideas and concepts have held true though out my career as well. My experience as a coach and clinician has been quite diverse, ranging from young athletes to frail elderly clinical patients in a Cardiac Rehab setting, sometimes even in the same day! On top of that, I have personally competed and trained for a wide variety of events from 5k adventure runs to Scottish Highland Games with a great deal of success along the way. Recently, I set two World Records while transforming myself from a run down 250lbs power athlete, to a lean, flexible, durable 200lb. Scottish Highland Games athlete and coach. Through this personal and professional journey I have found a few common themes and values that always hold true:

  • Find your passion- something that drives you to be better, gives you a reason to train, and helps you find meaning in life
  • Find a great coach or a mentor you who can help inspire, challenge and support you along the way.
  • Stay consistent until you reach your short-term goals, then set new goals! If I didn’t have written specific goals and behaviors every 1-3 month I would never have found success in this industry as a coach or athlete. Set long-term, measureable goals that go along with your passion and values in life. Then make sure your behaviors match your goals.
  • Always be willing to learn and adapt. Stay humble and ask questions whenever you have the opportunity to share with other likeminded individuals.
  • Surround yourself with positive people in your life who support your goals and passion. You can’t do it alone for the long haul. Your family, friends and co-workers need to have some level of support in order for you to succeed over the long haul. Don’t be afraid to ditch friend or have less contact with negative, toxic people who drain you!

Above all else, find your “why”. Many people can figure out “how” and “what” they want to do to reach their goals and dreams. True passion must come from within and involve a deeper answer to “why”. If you start with “why” then you know you are getting to the heart of what motivates a person to succeed in anything they pursue. My “why” involves a deep, sincere interest in helping people achieve a truly balanced lifestyle. Also to live a pain free life while inspiring people to achieve more than they ever expected at any age. Growing, learning and pursuing my “why” continues to develop my passion and skills, in return it radiates into all other areas of my life. I feel alive and energized by my clients every day because I truly believe and love what I do.

Intelligent coaches and trainers can figure out “how” to write exceptional programs or achieve results. The “what” will be the equipment used like kettlebells, functional movement screens, and other new exercise technology that may be invented along the way to achieve excellent results and keep things interesting. Ultimately my “how” and “what” will change over the years because these are just the tools and methods. Find your “why” so you can lay the foundation of health and wellness for a lifetime. What’s your “why”?

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  1. Jazz - September 19, 2017 6:28 pm

    Awesome article. Thanks


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