Empowered Strength

Why Kettlebells?

Over the past 15+ years of our collective coaching experience, we have been dedicated to training, teaching, and learning. And, in that time, we have found that nearly every client responds exceptionally well to kettlebell training.

We all need to move better and get stronger as a foundation for other life activities and overall longevity. Within those reasons, kettlebells are an exceptional tool for correcting functional movement issues and preventing injuries. Here’s why:

  • The unique shape and handle make the kettlebell very effective at recruiting smaller stabilizer muscles that are often neglected
  • Kettlebells force the entire body to work as one cohesive unit
  • Kettlebells are the most effective tool for torching body fat
  • Kettlebell are the “AK-47 of exercise equipment;” it can be used in a very small space, it’s portable and it will never break or need repairs!

We are absolutely certain that kettlebells are here to stay. Come experience the complete benefits of the bells from Bend’s only StrongFirst Kettlebell Gym!

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