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How to be Crash-Proof and Conquer the Mountain

You know what’s one of the most annoying things ever?

When you spend tons of money buying lift tickets and equipment to enjoy the fresh powder on the mountain, only to hurt yourself within the first few days of skiing. Wouldn’t it be great if you could build a body that’s resistant and resilient to the rough-and-tumble inherent to mountain sports?

Well, believe it or not, you can! And, it’s called being “Crash-Proof.”

Now, it’s important to start off stating that you can’t be 100% Crash-Proof. Just like anything that says it is fireproof or waterproof is really more like very fire-resistant or water-resistant. But, the point still stands that if you’re going to fall, crash, skid, and tumble, you’re going to need to have a body that can handle that kind of abuse. You’re going to want to be as close to Crash-Proof as possible, because if you break after your first incident, not only are you hurt, but you’re unable to participate like you want.

So, what does it mean to be Crash-Proof?

1) Having Muscle Mass

Being Crash-Proof means having muscle mass; but not too much!

You want to have a solid layer that acts like armor and protects you by absorbing impact, but still allows you to stay lean and light. If you have the appropriate amount of muscle on your body, you have the closest thing to a biologically inbuilt airbag that you can find.

2) Creating Tough Supporting Tissues

Your muscle mass is your first line of defense in a crash, but it’s not always what stands as the most likely thing to be injured.

Ligaments, tendons, and bones. These are what tend to be hurt. And, they take freakin’ forever to heal! So, as would make sense, you want your supporting tissues to be just as strong, if not stronger, than those muscles helping to propel you down the slopes. There’s no point in being a muscular super-star if your joints are as rickety as a newborn colt!

3) Being Strong

Being Crash-Proof means being strong and resilient. The bigger you are, the harder you will fall. But, the weaker you are, the easier you will break. With this in mind, you want to find the midpoint that allows you to bounce back from a crash and brush it off like it’s nothing.

Strength makes you harder to kill because it makes you more difficult to break. Strong bones, strong muscles, strong tendons, strong ligaments, all help to make you unstoppable.

4) Moving Well

Being Crash-Proof means having both mobility and stability in equal amounts. Stability helps you keep your balance and maintain the integrity of your joints. Mobility allows you to handle weird positions. Having both makes it so that when a crash happens, your body can better survive the awkwardness that occurs.

If you have a pair of knees that can only handle flexing to 90 degrees under perfect alignment, the moment you venture out of those bounds (even if it’s not your fault!) you stand a much greater risk of suffering something you would much rather avoid. This goes for all of your joints! It’s through these joints that movement occurs, so they must be capable of handling as much movement as possible.

5) Knowing the Fall

Being Crash-Proof means knowing how to fall. You see, it might seem that in order to survive a crash completely intact, you just need to build a body that’s virtually invulnerable. But, as was stated at the beginning of this primer, that’s basically impossible.

No, you want to be as resilient and resistant to crashing as possible, but you also want to know how to mitigate risks when a crash inevitably happens. This means not only understanding falling, but intentionally experiencing falls. Within a controlled environment of course!

Think about all the individuals who partake in sports in which they crash regularly. Their bodies almost seem unbreakable! It might sound crazy, but the more you fall, the better you get at it.

However, falling within this context DOES NOT mean simply careening uncontrollably towards the ground, but being mindful about how your body moves intentionally and instinctually so that you can make the best of your ballistic situation.

Learn how to fall and falling will no longer be your enemy.

All of our training programs at Empowered Strength are designed with our “Armoring” concept, which helps you build a body that’s amazingly strong and resilient beyond just simply picking things up and setting them back down.

Empowered Strength can show you how to become Crash-Proof.

Join us, and get on your way to conquering the mountain!

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