So, you’re thinking about getting started with us and Living Empowered?

Let’s walk you through the process!

Step #1: Our FREE Intro Assessment

Every single person, and we mean EVERY. SINGLE. PERSON. Must go through our FREE Introductory Assessment.


Because you are unique and we want to find out exactly why! You’ve got specific motivations, limitations, and past experiences that are completely different than everyone else’s. Our FREE Intro Assessment gives us the chance to sit down together and learn exactly how we can help you best.

Additionally, once we have a decent idea of what Empowered Strength’s role could be in your new life, we want to take the time to discover how you’re moving.

As you may know already, we like to make sure people are first moving well, before they start moving often and under load. We do this through use of the Functional Movement Screen (FMS):

Move Well - Functional Movement Screen

This tool, developed by Gray Cook and a team of physical therapists, is designed to expose dysfunctional movement, as well as pain that may or may not be associated with those movements. Sometimes, you’re actually moving just fine! And, that means we can generally hop right into training (with some reservations.) But, if you do have some movement-related issues, we want to find out exactly where and how, so that everything that you do here at Empowered Strength is appropriate for you.

As stated, this Intro Assessment is completely FREE, and is very, very easy to sign up for. In fact, you can book it all on your own by clicking “Get Started” below:


Step #2: Our $85 Movement Orientation

Once you’ve gone through our FREE Intro Assessment and we’ve gathered some pertinent information, we want to expand upon that information and get you ready to start training at Empowered Strength.

The way we do this is through our Movement Orientation. This one time session is $85 and is also a requirement for all new members.

During this session, we do one of two things:

  1. If your overall movement quality is a little less than adequate, we spend this session taking you through a little “voodoo magic” (not, literal, voodoo magic) in which we show you how we can improve upon your results in the Functional Movement Screen, so that you can begin without too many roadblocks.
  2. If you’re already moving decently well enough, then we spend this session instructing you how to properly perform some of the basic strength training movements we use. This makes your transition to any of our programs much smoother and enjoyable. No one likes being the one guy in a group that has no idea what’s going on!

Step #3: Your Options and Investment

After you have finished with our Movement Orientation, we sit down together one more time and decide what form of training is going to work best for your limitations (or, lack thereof ) physically and financially.

Much of what will determine your eligibility for certain options, as well as your monthly investments, will be the results of your Functional Movement Screen.

For many, Small Groups Training is the perfect option, as long as you score over a “14” on the FMS. Our members who take part in Small Groups enjoy the combination of a highly social and friendly culture, with a system of training that builds more than just strength with our unique “Armoring” concept. And, just as the name suggests, the groups stay small usually averaging 4-6 individuals, but never more than 10.

For others, like those who are looking for a more customized plan or score less than a “14” on the FMS, Private Coaching Memberships is where we find the best compromise. Every single member taking part in this option gets their own personally-tailored training program meant to streamline them directly towards their goals and improve their function, as well as exclusive attention to ensure the highest quality coaching experience. Plus, scheduling options are the most flexible on this plan since you don’t always need to adhere to an already set appointment block and you can make use of our Open Gym options for extra training sessions.

Check out Our Services to learn even more!

Step #4: You Get Results

What more needs to be said?

Whatever option you decide works best for you, what you will receive is the utmost attention from each of our coaches in order to ensure that you’re constantly moving towards the results you would like to see.

Don’t believe us?

Well, you’ll never know until you try!

Start Living Empowered today: