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Customized Semi-Private Coaching

Semi Private coaching is the most effective option for anyone who has specific training goals, needs a flexible schedule, and/or has health limitations/recent injuries. It is also a requirement in our system for anyone who scores less than a “14” on the Functional Movement Screen.

This option allows everyone to be coached through their own personally customized programs, meeting their needs in a small group of 3-4 people maximum.

Coaching in this style provides the perfect balance of lowered costs when compared to one-on-one personal training, all while still offering individualized attention, small group synergy, and world-class training! It’s a win-win for everyone.

What’s all included:

  • Personalized exercise plan
  • Monthly Strategy Sessions to discuss your goals and plan
  • Weekly movement screening and program adjustments as needed
  • Body fat testing up to 2x per month
  • Email support

Customized Semi-Private Memberships

Membership Type: Monthly 3 Months 12 Months


$515 $415 $315


$315 $275 $215

Small Group Classes
We offer two main types of group classes throughout the week.

Class size ranges from 6-10 participants to keep energy high, while still providing the proper learning environment and structure to maximize the experience for each individual. Each class is expertly designed with specific purpose and structure to challenge each individual based on his or her current fitness and function.

  • STRONG FIT – is a strength based class of that is scaled to your current level of fitness using “self limiting exercises” to safely guide you through the foundational movement patterns to build and strengthen your body from the ground up. This class uses kettlebells as the primary “engine” that drives the program. Whether your goals are to perform better, look your best, or prevent injuries, this class will provide the “armor building” methods of proper strength and conditioning to get you to your goals!


  • KETTLEBOLIC CONDITIONING – is loaded with the best exercises in the world for fat loss and overall high intensity conditioning. Once again, kettlebells are the primary tools, infused with fun, fast paced movements to give you incredible results in an invigorating class that will leave you feeling accomplished and on top of the world.

Small Groups Memberships

Membership Type: Monthly 3 Months 12 Months

(3x StrongFit – 2x Kettlebolic)

$255 $215 $175


$190 $170 $150



Private Coaching

Private Coaching is our most exclusive service, which boasts all the features and benefits of Semi-Private Coaching, but with the focus being 100% on you.

This extremely flexible plan is perfect for those individuals who are concerned with pushing his or her’s performance to the absolute highest level, for those who need specialized attention due to injuries or severe limitations, or for those with a very challenging schedule.

Customized Private Coaching

Package Type: 4 Sessions 8 Sessions 12 Sessions

(1 hr; 1-to-1)

$260 $465 $620

(1 hr; 2-to-1)

$325 $545 $680

Online Coaching

Have you been looking to improve your life with us, but have been limited by your schedule and location?

With Online Coaching, that’s no longer an issue!

Greater strength, more vitality, a leaner body, and an Empowered lifestyle is now just a few keystrokes away.

Benefits include:

  • No scheduling restrictions
  • Constant access to your coach
  • A clear path towards your success
  • Your own personalized program



Online Coaching
Essentials Empowered Elite
$99 $199 $425
Includes: Includes: Includes:
  • Personally Tailored Training Program


  • Access to Our Pn ProCoach Platform
  • Personally Tailored Training Program


  • Access to Our Pn ProCoach Platform
  • Weekly Email Support
  • Biweekly Phone Strategy Sessions
  • Personally Tailored Training Program


  • Access to Our Pn ProCoach Platform
  • Daily Email Support
  • Biweekly Phone Strategy Sessions
  • Monthly Skype Movement Assessments

PN ProCoach

You may already know that exercise alone does not work for changing your body.

You must combine exercise with a change in eating behaviors.

But, knowing that is only the first step. How do you actually go about changing your food related habits and behaviors without overwhelming yourself?

You accomplish this by using the most successful system available to you today. And, the system is PN ProCoach, powered by us at Empowered Strength.

Learn more about how we do nutrition HERE.

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