Empowered Strength

Coach vs. Trainer

The difference between a “Coach” and a “ Trainer” 

There are major differences between a coach and a trainer. Any “trainer” can put a client though a workout and cause someone to sweat, feel tired, sore, or traumatized in some way. It is a true “coach” that empowers their students to reach their true potential, to dig deeper into their real passions, and overcome their roadblocks. A coach will inspire, motivate, educate and guide all the time and every time. Finally, a coach should lead by example.

At Empowered Strength we believe in truly coaching our members.

Here we spend time learning about our member’s needs, wants and deeper “why” before we ever start the physical components of the health and fitness assessment process. Instead of simply applying a “one size fits all” approach, a coach knows how to truly maximize a client’s performance by designing the best program for each individual based on their goals and performance tests. We strongly believe a coach should also create a sense of support and cohesion within a group. And, as a bigger goal, a complete coach should inspire and promote wellness within the entire community by attending local health fairs, teaching educational workshops, and sharing their passion with everyone. We love hearing about our members getting together outside of the gym for social events or signing up as a group for a local charity event like a cancer walk, “mud run” or church event.

A coach should see the bigger picture and bring out the best in everyone within the group. Coaches do not enable, they empower!

Coaches are always learning and growing within their profession, so we will only offer our clients the best results and overall experience.

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