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How to do Skater Squats

Skater squats are a variation of the single leg squat that forces a little more quadricep recruitment by requiring the individual to stay more upright through the use of a counter balance. Give these a try to work on your balance and single leg development. Online Coaching with Empowered Strength.[…]

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Kettlebell Spiked Swing

With the Kettlebell Spiked Swing, you use a partner to get even more of a ballistic effect by having him or her apply some force to the downward part of the swing. Start off light and practice the set up and technique with your partner before attempting anything super challenging.[…]

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“Lock Off” Holds

Advanced movement to help you strengthen your pull up end range of motion where many people are weakest. Online Coaching with Empowered Strength. Interested in Personal Training or Small Group Fitness at Empowered Strength? Click Here!

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