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Kettlebell Review

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Paddles and Packs: The Best “Anti-Cardio” for Athletes

  The following was written by John Odden, owner and Head Coach of Empowered Strength  —  The Story  I have always had a question in my mind since my early college days:  “Why is there such an obsession with running and other cardio nightmares like the stair-stepper, ellipticals, and the dread-mill?”  People mindlessly slog away on these machines for hours on end, in[…]

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“Boot Strapper” Goblet Squat

The Boot Strapper Goblet Squat is a great movement that can be added to your pre-squat workout or even for a quick Minute Move Well Snack in the middle of the day. Start with a low weight and work on your breathing throughout the movement. Online Coaching with Empowered Strength.[…]

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